Product Reviews: Shaving Creams

Author: Megan

We always have an abundance of coconut oil in my house, and being that I love finding new uses for old products, I decided to turn my coconut oil into a natural shaving cream.

I wanted to compare the coconut oil to my standard shaving cream- Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Gel. I’m in no way committed to my current shaving gel, as it has it’s own small issues, which I will share below.


Dr Bronners Coconut Oil


I’ll start by saying that I am a Dr. Bronner’s fan in general. I use their castille soap as my body wash, I love their hand soaps, and really believe in the way they conduct business. O.k., o.k., so let’s talk specifically about the shaving gel…

Pros: lovely scent (mine is lavender), organic, easy to purchase (Amazon, Whole Foods), easy on the razor.

Cons: Really, there is one actual con I can think of. It’s really, really runny. I usually dump about about a tablespoon’s worth of product while getting it out of the container. I hate wasting things. If we are just comparing this product to coconut oil, we can consider price as a con as well- as 7 oz. of this product is roughly $10, much more expensive per ounce than coconut oil.


For my comparison, I used what was already in my shower (more on why I keep coconut oil in my shower on another post), which was Trader Joe’s brand, organic.

Pros: This made my legs really, really soft. If you’re going on a date and wearing a skirt- this is the way to go for the night. Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer as well, so my legs looked amazing and healthy all day. Price point is a pro for coconut oil- I think I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 for 16 ounces.

Cons: While the coconut oil was a blessing on the legs, it was hectic on the bikini area. Not at first, but rather a couple of days later. I’ll leave it at that. More concerning was that my razor seemed to instantly dull. Just looking at the razor, the thickness of the coconut oil seemed to have clogged it up, and water didn’t help. Also, please be careful using coconut oil in the shower. It CAN clog drains, and can make the bottom of your shower feel like an ice-skating rink. I have had a near death experience… or two… due to this.


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