All About Us…

Our Mission:

At One Pure Life, our mission is to be advocates of healthy living. We want to focus on living a pure life. We believe that there are many facets to living that pure life. The food we eat, the paint we use, the detergent we launder our clothes in… and we want to cover them all.

We are both busy moms that work full time jobs. We understand that this can all get overwhelming. Hey, it overwhelms us sometimes. This website isn’t about preaching. It isn’t about judging. It is about creating awareness, and an opportunity to get better. We believe that every little bit matters. So whether you are ready to switch to a full organic lifestyle, or are more comfortable just switching your brand of toothpaste, we’re here for you.

So, thanks for being here. We’re thrilled to have you on our journey to our One Pure Life.

About Megan:

It all started one summer day in Texas, when a mom was on a search for a safe sunscreen for her baby. That mom was me, and that baby is now a beautiful young lady. At the time, I had no idea how far down a wormhole a simple search for sunscreen would take me. That research was a turning point in my life, and in the lives of my family. I began reading articles about chemicals in everyday products that made my stomach turn. I realized then and there that I was going to be an advocate. An advocate for myself and my family.

In the several years that have followed, I have made it my mission to research nearly everything that I and my family put on or in our bodies. It’s been a challenge, and can oftentimes lead me to throwing my hands in the air out of sheer frustration. But, I can’t give up. It’s my job to protect my children, and I can’t cave in.

I look forward to learning more about being healthFULL in our lives. Whether it’s shampoo, food, or pots and pans, I welcome the opportunity to learn and share with our readers.

About Michelle:

I started being interested in what chemicals were in my food in 2008. Prior to that I hadn’t given much thought to what was in my food other than the typical fat and sugar contents.

My friend Megan was blogging about chemicals found in our food and the daily products we use and I was expecting a baby. These two influences pushed me to really look at the food I was feeding myself and my family. I’m nowhere near done exploring the issues and I’m on this journey with those of you who are reading this blog. Thus far, I’ve picked and chosen the things that I would buy organic and those that I wouldn’t, but without much reasoning behind it. I want to better understand some of the science and evidence so I can make the best informed decision for my family. I don’t want to buy organic if there isn’t a difference because the cost can sometimes be a bit more.

I want this exploration to expand to all areas of my life as well. Not just food, but clothing, cooking utensils, beauty products, linens, and paints used in our home.

In addition, I am passionate about the environment. The research I’ve done seems to link things that aren’t good for us in our food, generally aren’t good for the environment or the animals who live in it either. I want to contribute to a healthy community and society to live in for my child and my child’s children. This is where I’m starting that mission.

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