DIY: Amazing White Vinegar Uses

Author: Megan

I love DIY’s- there is something so satisfying about making something with your own two hands. The only problem? I am super impatient. If it’s a DIY, it has to be quick, and it has to be easy. So, if you weren’t blessed with the patience gene, this DIY is for you!

So, all that being said- let’s talk about why I decided to write this article. I love vinegar. Like really, really love it. I have all different kinds of vinegar in my house, and I always buy in bulk. This love affair started many years ago while I was frantically researching safe ways to clean my home- watching my 10-month old lick a coffee table really made me think. Yuck, she’s basically eating Pledge!

That research led me to vinegar and I’ve never looked back. There are literally millions of uses for distilled white vinegar, but I’ll share with you the specifics of what I do in my own home.

Please note that it’s important that you use a vinegar that specifically states it is grain-derived on the bottle. Distilled white vinegar that is not grain-derived is likely to be derived from petroleum. Yikes.

It’s also worth mentioning that I usually only use white vinegar for cleaning, so I don’t worry about it being organic. To each their own-and kudo’s if you choose to use organic- however, I personally feel comfortable using non-organic Heinz brand. The extra bonus of vinegar is that it is super, SUPER cheap! I get a 1.32 gallon jug at Costco for roughly $3.12- making it one of the most budget-friendly cleaners around. These are NO-BRAINERS!

  1. DIY Fabric Softener– Pour about ¼ cup of vinegar where you would normally use fabric softener. Voila! Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener, removes odors, and (double bonus) actually cleans your washing machine in the process. Many people worry about smelling “like a pickle,” and I will assure you, there is NO vinegar smell. This is an easy household switch!
  2. DIY Furniture Polish– Pour approximately 3 cups white vinegar, and ¼ cup olive oil (I use Kirkland’s brand organic) into a spray bottle. Shake and spray! My wood furniture looks amazing, and if my kids want to lick the coffee table, go right ahead!
  3. DIY Rinse Agent– I never use rinsing agents (JetDry, etc.) in my dishwasher- the JetDry for obvious chemical reasons, but I even forego the natural stuff. Why? On cost alone vinegar simply makes the most sense. Vinegar keeps the dishes sparkling clean, and I gain some money back in the budget for other items. Pour white vinegar (undiluted) into the rinsing agent container- that’s it!
  4. DIY Pet Ear Cleaner– Our dog has floppy ears that are prone to disgusting goop. It was his constant scratching that led me to this natural ear cleaner. Take ¼ tsp vinegar and ½ tsp room temperature water and mix in a small bowl. Wet the cotton swab with the mixture and swab the inside of the dog’s ear. Repeat every other week or as needed for general doggie maintenance. Please note: if you notice bugs, cuts, or the like in your dog’s ears- please take him to a vet and avoid this DIY treatment.
  5. DIY Coffee Maker Cleaner– Run equal parts vinegar and water through your coffee maker. After you run the vinegar/water cycle, run a cycle with water only as a final rinse. Repeat every few months. I have used vinegar to clean our standard Cuisinart coffee cleaner as well as our Keurig. Works like a charm!

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